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Related post: Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 19:51:31 +0000 From: karl walker Subject: Rent BoyThis is a true story from my sex diary. If you like it let me know at londonkarllive.co.uk and I will write more. Also check out the links at the end of this sexpliot to see my other previously posted true stories.When I was 19 I got a job as a barman at a country retreat. The place had a small hotel, golf course, bar, restaurant, gym and pool. While working there I ended up getting off with the gorgeous bar manager. He was 30 years old with a well buff muscular body, sexy face and hot 11 inch cock. Once he realised what a cock hound I was he asked if I'd ever thought of becoming a rent boy. He told me he did it along with the rugged red headed grounds man who I also ended up having sex with. At first I wasn't convinced as although I was an easy lay I did have high standards so the thought of some fat old man fucking me even for cash wasn't appealing. 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The management knew full well what was going on but they turned a blind eye as it was good for business. Some of the female staff was also at it. I'd only been pimping myself out for sex for a couple of weeks when Marc, a very muscular black guy asked if he could make use of my services. He was 29 with really short black hair. His face was round with a big flat nose, full lips and dark brown eyes and a black stubble moustache. It wasn't the hottest face but he was no troll either with just enough going for it to make me interested. On top of that it was also obvious that he was well muscular. He was staying at the hotel on business and it was almost funny seeing his muscular body trying to be confined by his suit. It was mid week so the bar was relatively quiet and we got chatting which is when he propositioned me. I decided to go for it as I would have gone with him for free in other circumstances. We agreed a price and that I would go to his room when my shift finished.The next few hours dragged until we closed the bar and Marc went to his room while I tidied up the bar. Once I was finished I went to Marc's room and knocked. He answered it wearing one of the hotel's white towelling bathrobes. He smiled and moved aside to let me in, closing the door behind me. He pulled out the cash and handed it to me which surprised me as I normally take it at the end after checking thai porno 13yo they really have it first. free 3gp blowjob sex big tits 80s cum I pocketed it as he went over and lay on the bed."Put on a sexy strip show." He instructed.Although I'm not much of a dancer I tried my best to put on a seductive strip show, slowly stripping out of my white short sex pics 12 yo sleeved shirt to expose my pale, slim, lean toned body underneath which seemed to get appreciative glances from Marc. 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